الأحد، 22 سبتمبر 2013

Inauguration of the new school buses in the Sultanate of Oman

Panel programs and verification of knowledge and leadership track
Inauguration of the new school buses

Launched the Ministry of Education and the school bus project new contract with Oman National Transport Company have been providing new buses to transport school students in each of the provinces of Muscat, Buraimi as a first stage and a modern cost effective cope with the demands of modern life, and equipped with traffic safety.
The bus is equipped television screens to provide special programs and cultural knowledge and other specific programs, and provide electronic screens on each bus shows the name of the school, and at the same time can provide specific messages; such as participation in Traffic Kosbua general responsibilities or other. Is also equipped bus connected LED which you can check the bus route and places borne, and how to drive, in addition to the presence of cameras in the front and rear to provide more security for the bus including the, is also equipped with all the seats belts and there is a tendency for the installation of a screen in each of the principals offices served by these buses, to know the whereabouts of these buses, and after the completion of this project and the entry of new batches of buses, will be considered in the provision of services can guardian of which buses knowledge, and to make sure his son to ride a bus.
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